Below is a list of issues that Billy supports and will work hard to promote on behalf of the citizens of New Jersey:

As a child growing up in Paterson my parents had strict limits on where they could send my siblings and me for our public education. I firmly believe that the government has no right to tell parents where their children are allowed to get their education based on their zip code. The parent is the only person who should have the final say as to where their children can receive their education. As your congressman, I will always fight for parents to have the ability to send their children to any school of their choosing regardless of regulations set by the state. While I am a huge supporter of school choice I am also strongly in favor of strengthening our current public school curriculum with programs that implement Job Skills, Financial Literacy programs, Leadership skills along with the existing public education.

With my Freedom of Education Plan, all public high schools across the country will implement mentorship programs that will benefit students, businesses, and our existing public education structure. Due to the setbacks our country is currently facing with the COVID-19 outbreak, we will need a strong and educated workforce to get our country back on track and rebuild our infrastructure.

The Freedom of Education Plan will allow schools to work hand in hand with businesses currently involved in high-demand and high-paying industries such as IT, Engineering, Finance, Construction & Trades, and more. Students currently enrolled in school will learn skills that will benefit them later in life. We can most effectively educate our students when we teach them based on their own learning styles.

During a student’s time in high school, they will be able to spend a minimum of 3 hours a week working alongside established business professionals that have mastered their craft. A tax break will be given to business owners to offset the cost of a business sending one of their professionals to teach full-time once a week.

America has a shortage of workers in several high-paying fields and what better way to fill the void than to train the next generation before they get to college? Why should American jobs be filled by foreign workers when America already has a young, motivated untapped workforce eager to build a better life and live the American dream to its fullest. A program like this will allow students to be certified & job-ready before they get out of high school and give them the opportunity to pay their way through college with jobs that offer a good starting wage if they choose to further their education.

The intelligence of our students should not be judged by numbers and scores. Students should be judged based on their skills, creativity, and their merit. Our future depends on motivated creative minds and I sincerely believe that the Freedom of Education Plan is the best way to transform our schools from learning centers to Career Super-Highways!

The next generation of America requires leaders and well-equipped Americans to bring us into the future. The Freedom of Education Plan is not just an investment into our youth, it is an investment into maintaining the prosperous future of the united states of America.

Across the United States, thousands of neglected and dilapidated factories surround our inner cities. The strength of America comes from its workforce. Unfortunately over the past 40 years, deals have been made to weaken our economy and increase taxes to the point that doing business in most of the United States is unprofitable. So unprofitable that many businesses decide to send their companies overseas.

Americans need jobs especially after the pandemic, and not just any job. We need high-paying manufacturing jobs. The Revive America Plan aims to bring high-paying manufacturing jobs to Inner-city opportunity zones across the United States. Under The Revive America Plan manufacturers will have the ability to purchase unused abandoned factories in opportunity zones and receive a tax break for renovating the buildings up to working standard as well as for hiring employees within these zones.

The Pandemic created an unforeseen level of unemployment, forcing many Americans into poverty. The Revive America Plan aims to mitigate these issues by providing high-paying jobs in areas that didn’t initially exist. When Partnered with the Freedom of Education Plan we can secure employment opportunities for certified students trained in our public schools.

It’s not just an investment into our communities, it’s also an investment into the economic future of America.

America’s government was designed in a way to keep the power in the hands of the people. We have limits on our president to prevent a concentration of power from staying with one individual. why don’t we have that same standard for members of congress?

Our representatives and senators are elected to represent the will of the constituents that elect them, but instead, we see many politicians holding federal seats for decades and treating their public service to our country as a career rather than duty. The longer politicians stay in office the more they begin working for own personal interests instead of the interests of the people. This leads to backroom deals, stagnation of our country, and a federal concentration of power at a local level.  With time constraints it recenters the focus on what they were elected for in the first place. If a president can lead our country with a limit there is no reason why congress and the senate cannot achieve progress for the people under the same circumstances.

My 8-10-12 plan calls for limiting federal terms to the following:

President of the United States: 8 Years [ Maximum of two 4 year terms] U.S. Representatives: 10 years [ Maximum of five 2 year terms] U.S. Senators: 12 years [Maximum of two 6 year terms]

As your congressman, I will not only propose The 8-10-12 plan and support others in favor of term limits but I am voluntarily limiting my Congressional term to 10 years. Upon inauguration 2022 I will not seek re-election after 2032. I  believe that any candidate that claims to be serious about term limits should do the same.

A report done in 2018 showed that between the years of 2013 and 2015 Planned Parenthood raked in over $1.5 billion dollars in taxpayer funds. Not only does this violate the beliefs of many Americans that do not support abortion for numerous reasons, but this also cheapens the value of human life in general. Planned Parenthood is an organization that is rooted in the ideology of Margaret Sanger a Racist White Supremacist & Eugenist.  Planned Parenthood has denied this and protected her as a heroine while turning the blind eye to her racist agenda. They have only recently acknowledged the truth. Planned Parenthood clinics are disproportionally found in predominantly minority neighborhoods and their push for abortion adversely affects minorities that do not currently have the resources to raise a child due to economic reasons.

Human life is sacred and should be cherished. There is no greater resource to the united states than that of human life. In our declaration of independence, it All humans are created equal. Our creator has bestowed us with certain unalienable rights. Among these are the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This also includes the lives developing in the womb. To deny the life of an unborn child is to deny the humanity of future leaders, doctors, innovators, brilliant minds, and great thinkers that have the capacity to change the world.  Who is to say what the child may become?

For this reason, I am proposing The Sacred Life Plan. Currently, millions of tax dollars are being spent on the destruction of mankind by funding organizations like Planned Parenthood every year. The Sacred Life Plan will shift tax dollars from Planned Parenthood to alternative programs that promote adoption options, safe sex education,  and access to programs to assist low-income mothers with food & diapers for the first two years and child care services up until the age of seven.

Abortion should not be the first solution. Let’s give the unborn a shot at life.

I’ve seen the porous Southern border with my own eyes and it is an absolute tragedy what is happening there. It’s wide open! The cartels and human traffickers benefit the most from the vulnerable undocumented immigrants that make the dangerous trek across our southern border. Many are exploited with as many as one in every 3 women and children being sexually abused and trafficked during their journey.

Anyone that supports open borders supports human trafficking and supports the multi-billion dollar drug and human smuggling empire created by the Mexican cartels. Secure borders not only keep Americans safe but also disrupts the cartel’s illegal activities that seep into our country. A strong border also incentivizes coming into the United States the right way.

As a child of legal immigrants and a 1st generation American, I support a merit-based system that allows people who enter our country legally the opportunity to integrate, assimilate, and pursue the American dream. Being an American citizen is not a right, it is a privilege. A privilege that must be earned based on the merit of your efforts and the passion to become a productive member of society.

The American Dream Plan will also be used to allocate funds to hire more judges to process existing undocumented immigrants currently within the united states, fully fund and secure America’s southern border, hire more border patrol agents, equip agents with tools to combat human trafficking and provide mental and medical aid to victims of sexual assault.

The American Dream Plan will allow for undocumented immigrants that have been in the United States for 5 years from the time this bill is enacted with no criminal record that can demonstrate a 5-year history of employment, good moral character, and the ability to fluently read, write, and speak English will have the option to enroll in a 10-year merit-based path to citizenship probationary program. A documented clean criminal record maintained employment, and payment of taxes for 10 years without infraction will grant American citizenship.

Undocumented immigrants will have 2 years from the date The American Dream Plan is enacted to enroll. Those who do not enroll or cannot meet the requirements face deportation.

There is no easy solution to dealing with undocumented immigrants. However, Many wait in line and earn the right to enter the United States the right way. The undocumented immigrants that are eligible to enroll in The American Dream Plan also have the opportunity to earn their right to become American citizens.

With our border finally secure and our undocumented immigration issues resolved America can begin to streamline its immigration process.

The tax code has been revamped under president Trump and for the first time in many years more Americans are taking home more of their money, businesses have the ability to invest in better technology and hire more. I will continue where the president left off and fight for a much more favorable tax code that benefits small business owners. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They cannot thrive while they are burdened by high taxes. The high cost of taxation has led to businesses leaving the United States and doing business overseas only to sell their services back to us. This not only harms the ability for our citizens to find work but it also hurts our economy and benefits foreign governments.

The United States has been getting ripped off for decades in terrible trade deals that affect business owners as well as consumers. It’s time that we put America first. As your congressman I will fight against trade deals that are designed to wreck our economy and put the interests of other nations before ours. We must always put America first!

We now live in a time where the left pushes for more support to illegal aliens than they do for our homeless veterans that have made the biggest sacrifice for our country. A large majority of our veterans upon returning home are kicked to the curb and forgotten. Most of whom are dealing with the pressure of readjusting to civilian life, PTSD, lack of job opportunity and some fall victim to drug abuse. We have to do better. That is why as your congressman I will work with local businesses, spiritual establishments, medical professionals, and charity organizations to help our homeless veterans get the love, support, employment, and mental health that they deserve. They have given so much for us and it is time we finally repay the the debt to those that have made the biggest sacrifice for our great nation. There is absolutely no excuse why our veterans should be left on the streets to suffer while illegal aliens have the red carpet rolled out for them. Not on my watch!