The Biden administration has not properly thought through this exit strategy. In fact, there is no exit strategy. The Biden drawdown is a disaster and it was done with no regard for the Americans still in Afghanistan as well as the Afghan allies that have assisted America over the past 2 decades.

As we speak, Taliban fighters are going door to door making their intentions known to all the Afghans that have helped Americans. They are letting them know they have lists with their names on it and they are coming for them.

Girls as young as 6 are being ripped away from their families and being forced to marry these savages. We’ve not only abandoned Americans but also our allies that put their lives on the line line to protect us. This isn’t how America should treat our allies.

And now we have American Citizens directly in harms way.  The US Government has advised Americans to make their way to Kabul Airport to be evacuated. The advice came with a warning, “Please be advised that the US Government cannot guarantee your security as you make this trip”. This may be the biggest disaster of this pullout…leaving American Citizens to fend for themselves in one of the most hostile places on Earth. With all of this chaos and destruction happening around the country how on earth does Joe Biden expect Americans to make it out without protection?

Safety should have been priority number one before he decided to hastily pull out. America made a promise to ensure the safety of those who assisted us and Joe Biden has broken that promise to the Afghans and our own Military. Biden should have thought this through before he pulled the rug out from everyone in the middle of the night.

While I was in the Air Force a part of our motto was to never leave an Airman behind. Right now it’s much bigger than that, we cannot leave any Americans behind. It is our duty to protect and serve all Americans, even those behind enemy lines under impossible circumstances.

Biden created this mess and he must fix it immediately. Anyone with enough sense could have foreseen an event like this taking place during a rushed withdrawal.

This hasty withdrawal has now led to the deaths of 13 American military personnel and multiple deaths of Afghan civilians. an attack that should have never happened!

As the president of the United States, it is Joe Biden’s duty to protect and ensure the safety of all Americans. Joe Biden and his entire administration have been derelict in their duties while blaming every other politician in the United States as well as the Afghan people. The blame should be squarely placed on Joe Biden and his entire Administration.

The Biden administration knew the risks, they knew if this withdrawal wasn’t completed in a structured manner we would face this situation. Despite this, The Biden administration did it anyway and they are solely responsible for the mess we see on TV daily, and all of the lives lost.

While its clear how we got here, now is not the time to pass blame. Now is the time to save lives and hold America’s leadership responsible. The Biden administration has completely failed America and impeachment talks should begin immediately.